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Chapter 4: Types of Gutter protection on the Market Today

"All-In-One" Gutter Covers

There are two types of All in One Systems that combine gutters and gutter covers; one piece or two piece systems. The one piece is extruded gutter and gutter cover as a continuous piece of gutter. With a two piece, the gutter is extruded separately from the gutter cover, and is fastened together during installation. Some of them work okay in certain parts of the country, while other fail miserably due to a design flaw.

Waterflow animation You have to replace the gutters even if your gutters are in good shape. This tends to make them a little pricy. They are mounted to the fascia board and they tend to stick out. This is a serious problem in northern climates. Ice backs up on top of the gutter cover and gets in between the fascia board and the gutter cover. Worse, it may back up under the first row of shingles and cause extensive damage to the roof. If a section is damaged from a tree limb, the whole section has to be replaced. The finish is usually baked-on enamel, which being on the roof in the hot sun will bleach out within a few years and look unsightly on your home.

Bottom Line: There are less expensive options that will do a better job and maintain the curb appeal of you home.

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