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Chapter 4: Types of Gutter protection on the Market Today

Bracket Systems

There are many systems available which use brackets to fasten the gutter cover to the roof and gutter. Some of these systems work well, while others fail miserably. The brackets are placed every two to five feet depending on the manufacturer. Nose placement is difficult because adjustments are made at the brackets. Brackets are hard to work with. One manufacturer in particular is going on their fifth bracket system because the others were problematic. Other issues include thin aluminum construction. The panels tend to warp in the hot sun or are crushed under a heavy snow or ice load. The distortion of the panels allows spaces for birds and squirrels to build nests. Thick aluminum ones tend to create shadow lines on the seams and look unsightly.

Waterflow animation Some bracket systems will advertise that they shore up the gutter system. This characteristic will be true of most gutter protections due to the presence of the mounting system for that gutter protection. They're really not providing anything extra to the homeowner.

If the gutter system really needs "shoring up” then most likely it should be replaced. A gutter system should be inspected for integrity of the system before gutter protection is installed. All bracket systems are high profile due to the brackets, hence they stick out more. The baked enamel finish on many of these systems will look two-tone on your roof within a few years. Can you imagine how these systems will look on your home?

Bottom Line: There are a couple of effective bracket systems available, but these systems will stick out due to the nature of the bracket mount. These systems are difficult to install and the effectiveness of the product is contingent upon training of the installers.

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