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Chapter 4: Types of Gutter protection on the Market Today

Brush Gutter Covers

Brush gutter covers or protection are relatively new to the market and one of the most interesting and over complicated ways of solving the problem. This type of protection looks like a big circular bristle brush that is just about the width of the gutter and has a metal or plastic rod running down the center to provide support.

Waterflow animation This type of protection functions by the same means as the filter covers - instead of trying to keep debris and leaves out of the gutter, it simply occupies the space so the debris can't. The brush is fitted with hundreds of semi-flexible spines that are supposed to gently discourage leaves, burs, twigs, and other items from falling and making their way into the gutter.

Unfortunately, because of the spacing of the spines leaves often get lodged in between the spines and can work their way underneath the brush over time. This can cause some of the very same problems this product is supposed to fix.

The solution to this problem is to get the ladder out, pull the brush out...(you can see where this is going) clean the gutters, clean the brush, replace the brush and put the ladder away. This can be an even bigger cleaning hassle than usual.

Bottom Line: This is not a low maintenance solution and because it fills the space in the gutter, you will have problems with overflowing gutters. However, the product is good for cleaning large bottles.

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