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Chapter 3: Do You Have A Gutter Problem? Two Simple Tests You Can Perform

Look at Your Siding for Evidence

You can't always witness an overflow problem while it is occurring. Therefore, you should educate yourself on prevention of the problem, and that means learning how to look for tale tell signs of gutter problems and water overflow.

First you should look low. Is the landscaping around your house affected? After it rains do you see pools of water, or craters in flower beds? Does your siding have dirt or mulch clinging to it at about a foot off the ground that looks as if it was splashed up? If you see this, your gutters are most likely overflowing, and need maintenance or are beginning to fail.

Look at Your Gutters for Dirt Residue

Another quick test it to look up to the gutters on your house. Look for dirt water marks on the outside. If your gutters look dirty, it's another sign that you have a gutter problem.

These water marks occur when dirty water overflows the gutter, and then the surface tension carries the dirty water down the outside of the gutter.

Finally, if you identify these problems you should take action sooner than later. In the next section, we will consider the options you have available to you to take care of your gutter problem.

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