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Chapter 2: Clogged Gutters & Basement Flooding

Cleaning the Gutters is an Undesirable Chore

The unpleasant task of cleaning the gutters is the most popular reason that homeowners elect to purchase gutter protection. In order to keep the gutters free-flowing, they need to be cleaned a minimun of four times a year to account for the cycles of falling debris.

The homeowner needs to either stand on the roof, which if steep may pose a serious health risk, or move a ladder along the run of the gutters. You need to have a long heavy ladder to reach upper stories. Talk about a strain on the physique.

Scooping out the gutters is messy to the person cleaning, and you have the issue with the gutter debris on the ground. Then you have to hose everything down while trying not to get wet. It just isn't a pleasant job, especially with a cool spring or fall.

Accumulated debris in the gutters also make a great home for wasps. Cleaning out the gutters can cause an unpleasant surprise when you chance upon a hidden wasp nest. Getting stung on a roof or ladder is a very dangerous situation to be in.

You can pay someone to perform the task, but then you face liabilities if the person gets hurt while doing the work. Gutter cleaning contractors typically aren't insured, so guess who picks up the tab if there is an injury.

Consider the damage to the roof while cleaning out the gutters. Roof damage is very common from repeated walking on the shingles. The flint layer is scraped off. Shingles become loose. You get leaks on your roof. You will not get the maximum life out of your roof if it is constantly being walked on.

Bottom Line: You may not want to clean your gutters as often as needed, and it is an unpleasant if not dangerous task. Roof damage may occur while the gutters are being cleaned.

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