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Chapter 2: Clogged Gutters & Basement Flooding

Moisture Problems and the Health Threat of Mold and Mildew

When you hear about common issues with some building, you hear a lot about preventing the potential of mold and mildew. Not only will mold break down the wood, in your home, but it also poses serious risks with toxins associated with by products generated by the mold. Least of the problems may be irritants that can cause allergic reactions, hay fever, asthmatic reactions, sneezing, etc. Some molds produce dangerous toxins which are a severe health risk

Moist debris sitting your gutter is a perfect breeding ground for various types of mold. The mold may be introduced into your home through seepage in the basement or by rotted wood in the fascia and soffit. From there it;s very easy to spread through the rest of the home. Once the mold get into the walls and insulation, it is a very expensive problem to resolve because of the labor and care that has to be taken for removal.

Bottom Line: Moist debris sitting in your gutters can be a dangerous breeding ground for mold. Damage associated with a clogged gutter helps to encourage growth and spread mold throughout the house.

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