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- Billy and Jeanette Smith of Rock Island, Illinois

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Egress Windows

Egress Windows- When considering safety equipment for your home in time of emergency, we all think of fire extinguishers, medical first aid kits, smoke detectors or even handy access to our doctors, police and fire emergency telephone numbers.  How often do we think of an egress window for that basement bedroom or living space for times of emergency?  Remodeling your basement is one of today’s most popular home improvement projects so homeowners may enjoy carefree living space for recreation, hobbies or bedroom space for overnight guests. When planning your project, you must include an egress window for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Should basement stairs become blocked by fire or thick, black smoke, you could become trapped and sustain life threatening injuries or even death without an escape route.  In this event, rescue workers may have no chance of getting to you in a timely manner and could be forced to stand by helplessly as you are trapped with no means of rescue or escape.

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