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Add Beauty of Awnings to your home!Light Bar Information

Where can I find a replacement bulb?
The light bar uses standard T-5 fluorescent bulbs available at your local hardware store
How do I replace the bulb in my light bar?

Unplug all power to light bar and awning.  Switch off the main circuit breaker and let bulb cool for 15-20 minutes.  Using a screwdriver, loosen and remove all screws securing the end cap and plate on the front bar of the awning.  Remove end cap and plate.  This will give you access to the light bar protective lens cover. Remove light bar protective lens cover out of the side of the awning by pulling and sliding the lens cover out of the front bar track. This will expose the T-5 light bulbs and give you access for removal.

Remove the old light bulb from the fixture by rotating 
the bulb 90 degrees and align bulb pins with fixture opening and pull gently outward.  Align the new replacement bulb pins with 
fixture opening and push gently into place 
until properly seated.  Rotate the bulb 90 degrees to lock into place.  Reattach end cap and plate with screws and tighten with screwdriver until snug.  Switch on the circuit breaker, plug in awning and light bar, and test.  Contact your local service dealer if problems persist.