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- Bill and Joann Carter of Davenport, Iowa

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About Suburban Construction

From Suburban Construction's inception during the 1980's, we strive to offer the finest products and materials available to our customers at the best possible prices.

Additionally, our philosophy has also been to educate them in regards to products available to fit their particular needs, the manufacturing and installation process for their project, affordable financing and professional advice on colors and styles for the best curb appeal of their homes.

Each of our account managers are true professionals within the home improvement industry. With over 100 years combined experience in the field, Suburban Construction is hands down your choice for quality, service and professionalism.

Heat Lamp Display

Suburban Construction is the only company in the area that offers FREEDOM Maxx Low-E HP standard on our windows. FREEDOM Maxx features a multiple-layer vacuum-deposition Low-E HP insulating glass unit filled with argon gas, which delivers performance up to 40% more energy-efficient than many other types of Low-E or Mid-E glass systems. Additionally Suburban windows with FREEDOM Maxx or FREEDOM Maxx 10 are twice as energy efficient as uncoated insulating glass units. Stop by and "Feel The Difference" for yourself!

Bay and Bow Windows

At the newly renovated Suburban Construction Showroom you can see many fine examples of our premium bay and bow window systems. You can look over all of our options from custom laminated wood grain interiors to actual fine oak stained window cabinets from the factory. Your new bay and bow window system can be ordered with many glass (glazing) options from standard interior grid patterns, cut and polished V-groove glass and custom brass, silver or pewter beveled/leaded glass options.You become your own interior window designer with Suburban Construction Bay and Bow window systems.

Office Staff

Office Staff

Our professional and knowledgeable office staff is here to serve you for all your before, during and after the sale needs. Suburban Construction was founded on the principles of customer first and customer service and our staff excels in these fields. From setting appointments with your account manager, processing your job before and after installation, to handling and scheduling a service issue should a concern arise in the future, they are here to serve you our customer.

Suburban's showroom allows homeowners of the Quad Cities a detailed glimpse of what options are available in the home improvement industry! Our showroom illustrates details of every single job that we complete. This entails doors that we custom make, to siding profiles and colors as well as different styles of windows and extrusion colors!

While in our showroom, our estimator will give you a custom look for whatever project you feel is a priority. Suburban can do projects as small as siding a garage, to siding an entire condominium. We have also done single window installations or up to a houseful of windows! Suburban will be sure to give you a quality job well within your budget.

While browsing through our huge showroom you will notice different color schemes with trim, corner-posts and as well as gutters. If there is a particular color one might have in mind, chances are we've got it! Something as small as accenting a corner-post of your siding can be all the difference in setting your home apart from your neighbors!

When starting any project homeowner's generally need to formulate ideas as to what kind of a look they would like on their home. On the right you'll see a picture window with lead caming in a colonial grid pattern or an etched colonial grid pattern that is present on the single hung window to the left. Either option will be more than enough to accomplish the look of elegance for your home!

Large glass space is excellent for brightening up a home by letting sun light in; however, as the seasons change with the heat and snow, having a large window and patio door can almost feel like you're missing a wall! Eliminate that cold shiver in the brisk winter and keep that long-sleeve shirt on in the summer because now there is FreedomMaxx10, the highest insulated performing glass on the market!

Spending time in the kitchen doesn't have to be dreadful! Enlarge your viewing space with a garden window over the kitchen sink. Nothing will bring in more light than this four glass piece garden window, which even comes with a glass shelf for added decor!

Choosing colors can be difficult when options aren't side by side. Visiting our huge showroom is like icing on the cake. Deciding which direction might best suit your home by stopping into one of the most comprehensive showrooms in the Midwest!

Whether keeping the same look as your original windows or trying something new, casements can offer benefits no other window can! Suburban's casement windows allow the most viewing space in a vinyl window and still have the capabilities to ventilate for air-flow! Windows come with a screen that is easily removable from the inside of your home.

Quality sliding patio doors from Suburban look newer and sleeker than ever before! Options available for our windows such as aluminum grids, etched grids, accented colored handle and even FreedomMaxx10 are also available in our patio doors. Doors include foot-locks, weep holes for watershed and a sliding screen.

Basement and bathroom windows also can come in different styles and colors. The hopper window, which is very popular, is shown as the top window which tilts in at a 45 degree angle allowing for ventilation. The bottom window, an awning, is common in bathrooms and ventilates very similar to a casement window.

These windows as well as bathroom windows may be a great spot for rain or obscured glass, limiting the vision inside the home. Light still penetrates through the glass allowing for a brighter yet more private room.

Come walk through the bay and bow section of our showroom and get a detailed look at the variety of wood grains available for your custom project! Choose from a casement bow window, to a double- hung bow window all interchangeable for your specific needs!

The difference that allows Suburban, "to go a step beyond," is the quality of product and workmanship! Adding comfort to a living space is crucial, that's why Suburban uses a 3" pre-insulated seatboard, combating any potential drafts that may arise. Our custom- manufactured bay/bows will not only fit your exact opening, they augment your home's interior and add to its curb appeal.

The casement window offers a great view for all seasons. The large picture window in the middle attracts the attention of your eyes while the side casement windows allow fresh air ventilation. This style window ensures uninterrupted sight lines with a classic wood-like design.

Great style comes together in this design for maximum glass height in an awning style window with a fixed-lite combined! Your window will reflect your home's beauty, and they're built to last a lifetime. On the right is an oriole- style window, offsetting the meeting rail for optimal viewing space in the top sash.

Finding a color of siding that fits your custom project may range from premium extruded vinyl to steel or even aluminum. Colors range from traditional to variegated as well as the more premium bold choices. Selecting a modest profile like clapboard or dutch lap can be dressed up to a hand-shake look. Gables are also an excellent choice to upgrade the look of your home with scallops or shake.

Our Therma-tru entry-door systems and Larson storm doors are second to none. By replacing your front door with a new elegant door increases the perceived value of your home. Also protect your new investment with a quality storm door for added ventilation!

Whether you're looking to buy a house, sell a house, or upgrade your current home consider a Suburban fiberglass entry-door. These doors won't warp or swell like your wooden doors or conduct the heat and cold like the old steel doors. Many options available for either a paint or stainable look!

Choosing a storm door is more than just color and style, ventilation is one of the most important options to consider. That's why Suburban has Screen Away, Multi-Vent, Single-Vent or Full-View with interchangeable glass and screen. Bring a complete look to your home with a storm door from Suburban.

Suburban's double-hung windows are versatile and efficient. They match just about every architectural style of many homes- perhaps that's why it's often called the American Window. Take a look at a few that are already installed with half screens.

Feel the difference in glass options at our "Heat Lamp Display" in our showroom! Allow the comfort of brand new Suburban windows take the edge off a not so energy efficient home. All glass options come with high performance glass virtually eliminating ultra-violet rays from fading furniture and carpeting.

If you're more of a number cruncher check out our custom build B.T.U. meter display! Allow yourself to go through the several glass options and see how much of a difference Suburban glass can make in keeping your money from going out the window!

Nothing finishes off a window more then a beautiful aluminum cladding. Cladding will solve the issue of never having to paint your trim again as well as giving your windows a nice tight seal! Aluminum comes in a variety of colors as well as sealants.

Looking to change the wood grain of your current windows? Well you can, with a wide variety of wood grain colors from AMI, Suburban can give you that new updated look for your home with Dark Cherry, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Soft Pine, Rich Maple and Foxwood!

Brand new windows from Suburban add so much more than just aesthetics to your home. When installing new windows with aluminum capping, you're giving your home a much cleaner look, less overall maintenance with painting and an air tight capsule around your opening.

Like the look of grids but tired of cleaning in between each pattern. New windows from Suburban come in between the glass allowing for no obstruction when cleaning those easy to tilt in windows. Designs range from the Colonial, single and double prairie, diamonds and vertical styles.

Looking for just the right amount of color for your home? Suburban's shutters come in a wide variety of colors in the raised panel, louvered and board n batten look! Shutters can be put alongside windows and doors either on the home and or the garage!

In the front of our office the first thing you'll notice are the gutter protection samples. These are a dime a dozen and virtually do nothing in keeping your gutters clean. Most of these can be picked up and installed from your local department store but buyers beware!

Never again will you have to waste your time by climbing a ladder to clean out those dirty gutters! GutterCap comes with a lifetime guarantee against any type of clogging which is unheard of in the industry! The low-profile design is sleek and adds a crisp curb-appeal to your home.