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- Jeff Louck of Davenport, Iowa

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1.) Do I need to make a deposit/down payment before material is ordered and work begins?
- Typically no, but of course that would depend on your contract terms/original agreement.  Payment is typically due upon completion of the contracted work.

2.) When will final production measurements be taken/How soon can I expect to hear from the measure man to schedule final production measurements?
- Final measurements are taken ASAP after your project approval is given.  You can expect to hear from our final measure man, in the next couple of days to get something scheduled.

3.) When can I expect my windows/siding/doors to be installed?
- Depending on the time of year, and any unforeseen factory or weather delays that may occur, our jobs typically run 6-8 weeks from when the material is ordered to the installation date.

4.) How far in advance are installations scheduled/How much advance notice will I receive before my installation?
- We will try to give you as much advanced notice as possible, but jobs are not scheduled out very far.  This is done in an effort to reduce number of jobs that need to be re-scheduled should we run into any installation, production, weather, or logistics issues.

5.) Should I take down my blinds/curtains/window dressings before a window installation?
- Taking down any blinds/curtains/drapes in preparation for the installation is encouraged.  This will helps things run more smoothly when we arrive to your job site, and will allow us to do what we do best, windows, siding, and doors!

6.) How long will my installation take?
- Every job is different.  This will obviously depend on what material you have purchased, and size of the project.  Most smaller window, door, soffit, fascia, gutter, and Gutter Cap jobs are completed in less than a day, while larger window and door projects will run a little bit longer.  Siding jobs will take the most amount of time, depending on the size of the home.

7.) Should I take time off work for the installation/Do I need to be home for the installation?
- We recommend that you do NOT take time off of work for your installation, as there is no need to be home during the installation of your project.  From time to time, installations need to be re-scheduled, and we would hate to have you waste a vacation, personal, or sick day if this should occur.

8.) What are the payment terms?
- This would depend on your contract terms/original agreement, but payment is typically due upon completion of the contracted work.

9.) What forms of payment are accepted?
- Payments are accepted via check, cash, and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).  All credit card payments are subject to 1.5% processing surcharges, which would be added to the total contract price.