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FreedomMAXX 10

FreedomMaxxx 10 is our ultimate glass system. It delivers performance over 300% more energy-efficient than ordinary Low-E or Mid-E glass systems because it combines two panes of multiple-layer vacum-deposition Low-E glass with an interior glass pane and two insulating chambers of Krypton gas. The result is a triple-pane insulating glass unit that delivers ultra-high energy-efficiency. And, becuase all three panes are made of glass, the distortion and haze that can result in non-glass systems is eliminated.

Freedom Maxx 10. Your best bet for increased energy efficiency from an insulated glass unit.

These days, homeowners are becoming far more educated of each and every opportunity to save money on utility bills. As recent studies have shown, nearly 50% of a home’s energy dollars are lost through poorly insulated windows and doors. And, with today’s state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures, energy efficiency and maintenance freedom features, vinyl window are quickly becoming the number one choice for replacement windows. But the multi-chambered insulating design of a vinyl window does not stand on its own. 

It is easy to see that windows are comprised of far more glass than vinyl, nearly 80% or more in most cases. This means that, in all seasons, the performance of the insulated glass unit is critical. The heating and cooling months both demand a different type of performance from your window. In winter, you want to keep the heat in, and in the summer, you want to keep the heat out. So when you are bout to make this type of investment, wouldn’t the logical choice be a window that gives you the utmost in energy efficiency? Then consider an AMI Window (Associated Materials Window) with the Freedom Max 10 insulated glass package, and enjoy the fact that you have made an even wiser investment for your home. 

Carefully take a look at the comparisons to the right. See for yourself why the Freedom Maxx 10 TK2, triple-glazed insulate glass package with multi-layer, low emissivity PPG Solarban 60® Low-E glass, and the increased insulating capabilities of krypton gas, should be your choice for increased energy savings, and lower fuel bills. 

Improved Thermal Performance. Insulated glass units were initially filled with air or dry nitrogen. It was later discovered that a dense, slow moving glass would help to minimize the convection currents within the space, thereby reducing conduction and the transfer of heat. These inert, colorless, odorless and safe glasses have proven to be very successful in improving the thermal performance of a window. This chart, shown in a grams per liter measurement, shows that the Freedom Maxx 10 insulated glass unit with two chambers of krypton gas will prove to insulate over 50% better than a unit filled with argon gas.
Improving a Window’s Winter U-Factor Performance. * The U-Factor (also referred to as U-Value) is a number that represents the rate of heat flow through a glazing system. The lower the U-Factor, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow, and the better its insulating value. This performance is critical to those homeowners who may experience increased heating conditions not only during the winter months, but very possibly late fall and early spring as well. This chart shows that the Freedom Maxx 10 insulated glass unit that utilizes two panes of multi-layer, PPG Solarban® 60 Low-E glass will outperform the standard clear unit by as much as 70%. 

What R-Values Mean to Window Products. * An R-Value is a measure of the resistance of a glazing material or fenestration product to heat conduction. It is the inverse of a U-Factor (R=1/U) and is expressed in terms of hr-sq ft-F/Btu. A higher R-Value shows a greater resistance to heat flow and a higher insulating value than that of a low R-Value. Usually, window R-Values range for 0.9 to 3.0, except in special cases. This chart shows that an AMI Freedom Series Window with the Freedom Max 10 TK2 insulated glass package is 80% more energy efficient than a standard double-paned unit. 

A Solution for Solar Heat Gain. The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is a number that represents the fraction of solar radiation admitted through a window, both transmitted and absorbed, and subsequently released inward. The lower a window’s solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits. Which therefore leads to a more comfortable interior of the home. Climates or seasons that rely heavily on air conditioning will benefit from a window product that displays a lower SHGC. As shown, the Freedom Maxx 10 TK2 unit will outperform the standard clear insulated glass unit by as much as 56%.
*Based on center of glass (COG)

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