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Heater Cap

Why should I purchase Heater Cap?

If you live in a northern climate, then you may sustain damage to roof and fascia from ice-damming. Ice fills up in the gutters and is forced behind the fascia or up under the shingles causing several thousand dollars of damage to the roof and causing leaks in the home. Heater Cap can eliminate the hazards of icicles hanging dangerously from the gutter, or ice and water collecting on the walk-way areas.

How long does it take to give me an estimate on the cap?

It takes between 30 and 45 minutes while we are there we will measure the house, show you our choices of colors, and a sample of what it looks like.

How does Heater Cap work?

Heater Cap is an encapsulated low voltage wire mounted in gutters, down spouts, and fastened to Gutter Cap. The temperature of the wire is just warm enough to melt ice and snow to keep the gutter system free-flowing during the colder months.

Do I need to have it on the whole house?

No. If you have Gutter Cap on the whole house, ice-damming may not be an issue. Icicles and ice melt in walkways may still be a hazard. Many of our customers have Heater Cap installed only in problem areas.

Is it hard-wired or do I just plug it in?

Heater Cap is hard wired into the circuit box. The system is turned on and off with a switch when needed.

Is it turned on all year?

During times of cold weather and continuous snow fall, it's best to have it on all the time. Otherwise, it will take longer to melt the snow out of the gutter System, then if it was warming while the snow was falling. We suggest turning on when the temperature is forecasted to fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do I need to have Gutter Cap on my home to have it installed?

Heater Cap can be installed on homes that have no need of gutter protection, such as new construction.

What if I have a gutter protection system other than Gutter Cap on my home?

Heater Cap can be installed on the majority of other gutter protection systems. However, putting Heater Cap on may void the warranty of the other gutter protection system.

What kind of warranty is available with Heater Cap?

Heater Cap offers a lifetime warranty on the Heater Cap panel, and 10 years on the heating cable

How is this product installed? How does it work?

The Heater Cap goes on top of the first row of shingles, in the gutters and down the downspouts. It is an electrical wire working in conjunction with the heat transfer capabilities in our metal alloy cap.

What if I need new gutters? What if I need a new roof?

If new gutters or new roof, which requires tearing off old roof, is required we would need to come out and remove the Heater cap and then re-install, the cost of removing and re-installing the wire would be a minimum labor charge only. If the roof does not need to be torn of to replace then the new roof can be installed over the heater cap.

Does the Heater Cap prevent ice dams?

Heater cap does prevent ice damning at the level of the gutters. Heater Cap is guaranteed for 10 years on material, 5 years electrical, and lifetime on labor.

Will it significantly increase my electrical bill?

Depending on footage and the severity of the winter.