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Chapter 4: Types of Gutter protection on the Market Today

Screen Gutter Covers

Simply put, gutter screens are typically metal or polymer plastic coverings that are cut to fit and applied to the opening on top of your existing gutter. Again, this makes them another very inexpensive option. However, this type of cover usually lets in the most debris and material.

Waterflow animation The real problem with screen gutters is that because of the design (sort of concave lens) leaves can build up and basically clog up the screens in the same way as they would in a normal gutter. Cleaning the screens consists of hauling out the same ladder as you used before, pull the screen out, hose them down, - and hose down the gutters and downspouts and then replace the screens.

Bottom Line: The best thing about screen gutter covers is that you won't have spent much money to find out they don't work

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