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Chapter 5: Heated Gutter Protection

Image of a heated gutter capIn the northern climates, ice can be just as much a problem as leaf and other organic debris in the gutters. In some areas of the country, gutters are not practical due to enormous snow and ice loads on the roofs that could tear off a gutter system. Heat tape is very dangerous and there have been numerous horror stories about these products catching the house on fire.

Ice can be a major hazard due to falling icicles and re-frozen ice melt on walkways. Who hasn't slipped on the ice?

Recent innovations have brought about heated gutter protection systems. These systems gently heated the gutter protection, gutters, and downspouts to keep the water draining away from the home all year round. For safety reasons, these systems are hardwired into the home and don't get above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The better systems can be retrofitted to the gutter protection. These same systems can be mounted in just the gutters and downspouts if there is no tree debris.

Bottom Line: No gutter cover can guarantee you free flowing gutters all year around, because frozen water doesn't flow. Heated Gutter Protection will keep your gutter system free of snow and ice preventing ice damage to your lower roof and gutter system. And it will eliminate the hazards associated with icicles hanging from your gutters.

With or Without Heated Gutter Protection

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