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Chapter 6: Choosing the Proper Contractor

Evaluation checklistHow to Choose the Proper Gutter Protection Contractor

Making a major improvement purchase such as gutter protection can be a scary proposition. Unlike buying a washing machine or even a new car, most homeowners rarely make major home improvement purchases. The lack of experience can easily bring about fear of making the wrong decision, uncertainty, and general uneasiness.

Unless you have a trustworthy relative or a good friend in the business, it's going to be necessary for your deal with a gutter protection company. Your success in finding a reliable, honest, and dependable contractor will probably dictate your ultimate happiness or disappointment in your project.

If you know just ten critical characteristics, you can eliminate 95% of the fly by night and disreputable contractors who give this industry a black eye.

A reputable contractor should be able to provide you with answers on the following:
  • Numerous Customer References
  • Location of Office and Showroom
  • Pictures of Work Done (with homeowner in at least one picture of each job)
  • Detailed Proposal of the Work That Will Be Done for a Specific Cost
  • Written Warranties for Product and Workmanship
  • Proper Liability Insurance
  • Long Term Reputation for Service
  • Options for Financing
  • Amount of Deposits Paid Up Front
  • Standards for Installation and Installation Crews

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