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Chapter 2: Clogged Gutters & Basement Flooding

Flood Prevention

How to Prevent Flood Problems Caused by Poor or Clogged Gutters  

  1. Make sure that your home's downspouts are disconnected from the drain tiles, and land far away. Generally, a solid rule of thumb is that downspouts should extend 6 feet from your basement wall (depending on the grade of your property) to make sure that water doesn't drain back towards your home and basement walls.
  2. Make sure that your downspouts are not connected to your home's sewer system or drain tile.
  3. Make sure that there is not any debris in your gutter causing the overflow.
  4. If your gutters check out and they are clean, and you still have a problem, we suggest that you replace your gutters with larger gutters which can better handle the volume of water coming down from your house.

The FEMA National Flood Insurance Guide lists keeping gutters maintained and debris free as the leading option to reduce the risk of potential flood damage to your home.

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